Birthday Party Reservation Form

  • All parties are two hours in length. Thirty additional minutes will be allotted for decorating and room set-up. Parties will be hosted by a trained HSTV staff and/or volunteer.

    Base celebration price is $250. This will include playtime with your choice of a puppy or kitten litter*, a brief “What is HSTV?” presentation with shelter tour.

    A maximum of 10 children and 10 adults are permitted for each party.

    HSTV offers Birthday Parties on Saturdays from 3-5 PM. Please schedule at least 30 days in advance. Due to limited parking, there will be one parking spot reserved for the Birthday Family. Birthday guests are encouraged to carpool and park off-site to ensure parking is available for all HSTV guests.

    Birthday Guests are allowed to bring off-site food and drinks. Birthday Family must ensure that animal guests do not consume human food.

    Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.

    *While we can not guarantee that puppies or kittens will be available at the time of your party, we will make every effort to accommodate your selection.

  • If you have allergies: I understand that although I will not be required to handle products I am allergic to, there is a high possibility that I will come into contact with nut, dairy, wheat, etc. products. I assume full liability for any adverse reactions due to exposure to any allergens.
  • *Due to the Spay/Neuter efforts of HSTV’s no-kill mission, we cannot guarantee specific breeds, colors, genders, etc. HSTV will exhaust all resources to match all reasonable requests.

    In consideration of the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley Inc. (HSTV), accepting my child as an activity participant at HSTV, I, the undersigned parent or guardian of (child), hereby agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley Inc., its employees, volunteers, officers, agents, and directors from any and all damages, losses, or injuries my child may sustain during his/her activities at HSTV.

    I acknowledge that I have had the scope of the program fully explained to me, including the potential of injury which can occur during activities with dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, or other animals. I further understand that even with all due caution taken, accidents with animals can and do happen. This program release is executed without any reliance upon any representation by any person and the undersigned has carefully read and understands the contents of this release and executes the same as his or her own free act. I acknowledge and understand that my child is not covered by the HSTV's Workers Compensation or any other insurance policy for any damages or injuries my child may sustain during his/her activities at HSTV. In the event that any of the terms, conditions, and/or covenants contained in this release are held to be invalid, such invalidity shall not affect any of the other terms, conditions and/or covenants contained herein which shall remain in full force and effect.

    I, the undersigned parent or guardian of (child) hereby agree that any and all photographs and/or video images taken of my child and his/her pet (or shelter animal) may be used in perpetuity by the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley Inc. for the purposes of publicity, education, fundraising, or otherwise promoting the mission and activities of the Society. I understand that neither I nor my child will receive name recognition or monetary compensation for the use of said photograph(s) and/or video footage, to be used either in print or other media of HSTV’s choosing and that this agreement will remain binding and have legal effect regardless of whether my or my child’s association with the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley Inc. continues.