Check out these tips for your canine companion animals!
Mental Stimulation Ideas:
1. Fill a Kong with peanut butter and freeze it.
2. Rotating toys so that your dogs never get tired of the same toys.
3. Go slow on your daily walk so your dog has time to smell all the scents in the area and change your normal walking routine for new scents.
Physical Stimulation Ideas:
1. Go for a walk, run or hike.
2. Playing fetch with your dog’s favorite toy or toys.
3. Going to the dog park to play with furry friends or for a swim.



Check out these tips for your feline companion animals!
Mental Stimulation Ideas:
1. Allow your cat to hunt for its food by either getting a slow feeder or little mice toys that you fill up to feed your cat.
2. Set up a bird feeder in your yard near a window so your cat can look outside.
3. Teach your cat to walk on a leash or consider building a catio.
Physical Stimulation Ideas: 
1. Get your cat moving by letting it chase a laser or other moving cat toys.
2. Get a scratching post or cat tower so that your cat can scratch and jump around in their own space.
3. Adopt a feline friend, at your local shelter, for your cat to play with! June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month!