Fostering is a great way to volunteer at HSTV. Fostering means temporarily housing a puppy, adult dog, kitten or adult cat in a home to help the animal get healthy and socialized so that they can be successfully adopted into a permanent home.

What is involved in being a foster parent?

Fostering does require a great deal of responsibility and time commitment. As a foster parent, you are expected to spend time every day cleaning, feeding and socializing the animal. The shelter will provide most or all supplies for fostering and all medical care. Supplies include food, medicine, dog pens, crates, bowls, towels, newspaper, gloves – whatever is needed to help you and the animal be a success. HSTV maintains legal guardianship of all animals in foster care and their medical needs are covered by HSTV. View our Foster Care Guide here!

I’m interested – what is the next step?
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