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Volunteers for the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley can be found working with animals or assisting in our day-to-day operations 365 days a year. With over 1000 active volunteers, we welcome you to our family and offer many exciting opportunities to help support our mission! On site with the animals or off site at our events we cannot do this important work without you. We thank you for your interest and hope that you consider coming to an orientation and becoming part of our team.

Volunteer Requirements
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • $10 T-Shirt Fee
  • Donate 1 hour a month to stay active in volunteer system
  • Access to Transportation
  • Attend Orientation Session & Training

Sampling of the volunteer opportunities available at HSTV

  • Adoption Ambassador: Assist Adoption Counselors on the Adoption Floor.
  • Animal Transport: Transport animals between partner shelters & HSTV.
  • Reading Team: Read books to the animals, helps to calm them down.
  • Be Their Voice: Inform and educate the community at local venues & events.
  • Clinic Assistant: Assist spay/neuter clinic staff: clean and organize the clinic after surgery.
  • Dogercise: Work with the animals to encourage physical activity.
  • Education Assistant: Assist the Education Coordinator in teaching humane education to local students.
  • Enrichment Tech: Work one-on-one with animals using toys, puzzles, and games.
  • Adoption Center Greeter: Greet and direct visitors to our facility.
  • Hiking Hounds: Check out a dog during program hours & go on a hike!
  • Kennel Assistant: Assist Kennel Techs with the animals includes walking animals, cleaning cages & more.
  • Special Events Crew: Work special events at HSTV or around town, setup/breakdown booths & engage with the public.

Check back soon for our Volunteer Manual that is currently being revised.

Group Volunteering

If you have a group of volunteers who would like to offer their time to our organization, please don’t hesitate! HSTV welcomes groups of volunteers to help with large tasks that require many hands. If you are interested in volunteering with a group of friends, family, or co-workers, please fill out this form. Once this information is received, our Volunteer Coordinator will followup via email.

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
Youth Volunteers

We welcome and encourage our youth to play a vital role in our organization. But, we require that a parent be present with all youth under the age of 18, that are not able to drive on their own, while volunteering at our shelter. We hope youths under 12 will be interested in our Reading Team Program (Pre-K students and up.) We require that the parent/guardian also attend orientation and purchase a volunteer t-shirt.

Court-Ordered Community Service

We accept court-ordered volunteers on a limited basis. All individuals must be at least 18 years old and present documentation verifying the type of offense before attending orientation. To be considered, your offense may not be related to animal cruelty, drug possession, theft, violent crimes, or sexual assault. Our organization reserves the right to refuse any court-ordered volunteer requests for offenses not listed above. You will be required to show a valid drivers license, pay the $10 volunteer shirt fee, and attend orientation once approved. The approval process takes approximately five business days. Requests for same week community service will not be processed.

Interested in Court Ordered Community Service hours? Please click on Orientation Signup above to apply.
Questions? Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator.



Fostering is a great way to volunteer for the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley. Fostering is providing temporary housing for an animal until he or she is ready for adoption. Our Foster Program exists to give young animals a chance to grow big and strong before spay/neuter and to give injured, sick, or under-socialized animals an opportunity to heal. Your help allows us take more animals in from our partner shelters across East Tennessee that may be at risk of euthanasia.

Did You Know

We saved over 500 lives last year because our Foster Volunteers opened their homes to abandoned animals in need! What more incentive do you need to open your home to save a life. We are grateful to our current fosters and think they do amazing work to save lives. Interested in Fostering? Sign up today!

What Is Involved With Being A Foster Parent?

Foster parents are asked to provide shelter, love, and care for an animal(s) in need and our organization will supply the rest based on donation of supplies from our supporters. We include transport crate, kennel, food, potty pads, litter, toys, bowls, playpens, medical supplies, vet treatments, and all the support you need. If you decide to provide any of the items listed we are happy to give you a signed letter to support your tax deduction! The Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley maintains legal guardianship of all animals in foster care and covers all medical costs.

Questions? Feel free to send an email to!
If you can’t foster but want to support our program, check out our Amazon Wishlist! We greatly appreciate the support!!

Types Of Animals That Need Foster Homes
  • Puppies of kittens too young/small to be adopted
  • A mother with her litter of kittens or puppies
  • Puppies during 7 day quarantine
  • Timid dogs or cats that need socialization and love
  • Elderly animals needing end-of-life care (Hospice)
  • Medical Needs dogs or cats
  • Any animal when area partner shelters become overcrowded
Shelter Animals NEED YOU Now More Than Ever

Please don't forget about shelter animals who desperately need our help. The request for assistance from our partner shelters across East Tennessee are coming in on a daily basis. We cannot take in more animals into our shelter than our Capacity for Care allows unless we have YOU to foster. Sheltering in place? Consider fostering a puppy for 7 days to save their life. Thinking you may be ready for a dog? Call and ask about our need for big dog fosters. Do you purrrrfer kitties? Make room in your heart for a nursing Mom and save the life of an entire family or litter of abandoned kittens! We have a foster opportunity for most people who want to share their life to save a life!

Interested? Contact Chelcie Bowman, Program Manager, via email or 865-573-9675 x100.

Birthday Parties

Invite your friends to celebrate your special day at the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley Community Room.
We promise to make it memorable for you and your guests!

Celebrate Your Birthday With Us!

Birthday parties are offered on Saturdays from 3-5 PM with a 30 minute window for set up and decorating. Parties are hosted by a staff member or a trained volunteer. Our Community Room space allows for a maximum of 10 children and 10 adults at each party. The cost for each celebration is $250 which goes directly to support our mission to save even more lives each year.

We make every effort to include playtime with either puppies or kittens but that always depends on what animals are in need when we transport them in from other shelters in surrounding counties. Our staff works very hard to ensure to provide animals at the time of your party. We also include a brief presentation about what we do followed by a shelter tour to see all the animals we have for adoption!

Guests are encouraged to bring food, drinks and a birthday cake! Alcoholic beverages are not permitted. Arriving 30 minutes early, our staff will help unload your food and drink and guide you to the party room for set up! We do ask that when possible, guests carpool because of the limited parking in our lot. The birthday family has one reserved spot! We have many birthday guests who ask for donations in lieu of gifts so be sure to ask for our Wish List. The staff at the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley looks forward to making this a memorable day!! We all love a party! See you soon.

Register for a celebration today!

All parties are two hours in length. Thirty additional minutes will be allotted for decorating and room set-up. Parties will be hosted by a trained HSTV staff and/or volunteer.

Base celebration price is $250. This will include playtime with your choice of a puppy or kitten litter*, a brief “What is HSTV?” presentation with shelter tour.

A maximum of 10 children and 10 adults are permitted for each party.

HSTV offers Birthday Parties on Saturdays from 3-5 PM. Please schedule at least 30 days in advance. (Note: Due to summer camp schedule we are not available for birthday parties July 20th & 27th.) Due to limited parking, there will be one parking spot reserved for the Birthday Family. Birthday guests are encouraged to carpool and park off-site to ensure parking is available for all HSTV guests.

Birthday Guests are allowed to bring off-site food and drinks. Birthday Family must ensure that animal guests do not consume human food.

Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.

*While we can not guarantee that puppies or kittens will be available at the time of your party, we will make every effort to accommodate your selection.

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • *Due to the Spay/Neuter efforts of HSTV’s no-kill mission, we cannot guarantee specific breeds, colors, genders, etc. HSTV will exhaust all resources to match all reasonable requests.


    In consideration of the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley Inc. (HSTV), accepting my child as an activity participant at HSTV, I, the undersigned parent or guardian of (child), hereby agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley Inc., its employees, volunteers, officers, agents, and directors from any and all damages, losses, or injuries my child may sustain during his/her activities at HSTV.

    I acknowledge that I have had the scope of the program fully explained to me, including the potential of injury which can occur during activities with dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, or other animals. I further understand that even with all due caution taken, accidents with animals can and do happen. This program release is executed without any reliance upon any representation by any person and the undersigned has carefully read and understands the contents of this release and executes the same as his or her own free act. I acknowledge and understand that my child is not covered by the HSTV's Workers Compensation or any other insurance policy for any damages or injuries my child may sustain during his/her activities at HSTV. In the event that any of the terms, conditions, and/or covenants contained in this release are held to be invalid, such invalidity shall not affect any of the other terms, conditions and/or covenants contained herein which shall remain in full force and effect.

    I, the undersigned parent or guardian of (child) hereby agree that any and all photographs and/or video images taken of my child and his/her pet (or shelter animal) may be used in perpetuity by the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley Inc. for the purposes of publicity, education, fundraising, or otherwise promoting the mission and activities of the Society. I understand that neither I nor my child will receive name recognition or monetary compensation for the use of said photograph(s) and/or video footage, to be used either in print or other media of HSTV’s choosing and that this agreement will remain binding and have legal effect regardless of whether my or my child’s association with the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley Inc. continues.

Veterans Program

Stay tuned Pilot Program

Paws To Visit

Our “Paws to Visit” Program enables volunteers to take an adoptable animal from our shelter to visit with people in assisted-living homes. We love bringing joy to those in the community who find themselves needing puppy love and kitten kisses!


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