Fostering is a great way to volunteer for the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley. Fostering is providing temporary housing for an animal until he or she is ready for adoption. Our Foster Program exists to give young animals a chance to grow big and strong before spay/neuter and to give injured, sick, or under-socialized animals an opportunity to heal. Your help allows us take more animals in from our partner shelters across East Tennessee that may be at risk of euthanasia.

Did You Know

We saved over 500 lives last year because our Foster Volunteers opened their homes to abandoned animals in need! What more incentive do you need to open your home to save a life. We are grateful to our current fosters and think they do amazing work to save lives. Interested in Fostering? Sign up today!

What Is Involved With Being A Foster Parent?

Foster parents are asked to provide shelter, love, and care for an animal(s) in need and our organization will supply the rest based on donation of supplies from our supporters. We include transport crate, kennel, food, potty pads, litter, toys, bowls, playpens, medical supplies, vet treatments, and all the support you need. If you decide to provide any of the items listed we are happy to give you a signed letter to support your tax deduction! The Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley maintains legal guardianship of all animals in foster care and covers all medical costs.

Questions? Feel free to send an email to!
If you can’t foster but want to support our program, check out our Amazon Wishlist! We greatly appreciate the support!!

Types Of Animals That Need Foster Homes
  • Puppies of kittens too young/small to be adopted
  • A mother with her litter of kittens or puppies
  • Puppies during 7 day quarantine
  • Timid dogs or cats that need socialization and love
  • Elderly animals needing end-of-life care (Hospice)
  • Medical Needs dogs or cats
  • Any animal when area partner shelters become overcrowded
Shelter Animals NEED YOU Now More Than Ever

Please don't forget about shelter animals who desperately need our help. The request for assistance from our partner shelters across East Tennessee are coming in on a daily basis. We cannot take in more animals into our shelter than our Capacity for Care allows unless we have YOU to foster. Sheltering in place? Consider fostering a puppy for 7 days to save their life. Thinking you may be ready for a dog? Call and ask about our need for big dog fosters. Do you purrrrfer kitties? Make room in your heart for a nursing Mom and save the life of an entire family or litter of abandoned kittens! We have a foster opportunity for most people who want to share their life to save a life!

Interested? Contact Chelcie Bowman, Program Manager, via email or 865-573-9675 x100.

Veterans Program

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